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Engel ES80/25 HL V
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Engel ES200/45 HL V
EngelES200/80 TECH

Engel ES80/25 HL V (CLEANROOM 25T Clamp 40g Shot)

Engel ES200/45 HL V (CLEANROOM 45T Clamp 60g Shot)

EngelES200/80 TECH (CLEANROOM 80T Clamp 90g Shot)

Engel ES500/130 TECH (CLEANROOM 130T Clamp 140g Shot)

Toshiba IS100G-I3A (100T Clamp 150g Shot)

Toshiba IS100FA-I3A (100T Clamp 150g Shot)

Toshiba IS130G-I3A (130T Clamp 154g Shot)

Toshiba IS220G-I10A (220T Clamp 450g Shot)

Toshiba IS220EN-I2A (220T Clamp 450g Shot)

Toshiba IS350GS-19A (350T Clamp 855g Shot)

Toshiba IS450GS-I27A (450T Clamp 1360g Shot)

Toshiba IS550GS-I34A (550T Clamp 1730g Shot)

Engel ES80/25 ST (25T Clamp 35g Shot)

Engel ES150/40ST (40T Clamp 83g Shot)

Engel ES80/25 (25T Clamp 35g Shot)

Dong Shin PRO300MC (300T Clamp 970g Shot)

Dong Shin PRO150MC (150T Clamp 390g Shot)

Toshiba IS650E-80A (650T Clamp 3970g Shot)

Toshiba IS1600DF-200A (1600T Clamp 10890g Shot)

Engel ES500/130 TECH
Toshiba IS100G-I3A Toshiba IS100FA-I3A
Toshiba IS130G-I3A Toshiba IS220G-I10A
Toshiba IS220EN-I2A
Toshiba IS350GS-19A
Toshiba IS450GS-I27A
Toshiba IS550GS-I34A

Parts of a tiebar less injection moulding machine

Engel ES80/25 ST
01 Clamping force cylinder
02 Opening and closing cylinder
03 C-frame
04 Flex-Link, flexible interface between the clamping cylinder and moving platen
05 Precision linear bearings for guiding and supporting the moving platen
06 Freely accessible mold space
07 Operating panel of the machine control system with touch screen input of process parameters
08 Hydraulic injection unit
09 Safety guard
Engel ES150/40ST
Engel ES80/25 Get AppleQuick Time Dong Shin PRO300MC

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Dong Shin PRO150MC
Toshiba IS650E-80A
Toshiba IS1600DF-200A